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Handicap 0 golf and the keys to achieve it

Before starting to explain the keys that will make you advance in this sport and reach the best result, we will explain what a handicap is about.

To make a comparison that we commonly know, a handicap would be something like an offside in soccer. If we start by explaining its meaning, it comes from English and means disadvantage. On the other hand, if what we want to know is its definition, then we will say that it is the number of strokes that the most amateur players need to complete a course with respect to the stipulated strokes. Each course has a par or score on which the handicap will depend, you must remember that this number is not fixed forever and may experience some changes by season.

If what you want to calculate is your handicap, you must count the number of shots you have taken to complete the course minus the par or course score. Once we are clear about its meaning and we understand it, we are going to give some tricks or tips that you can apply in the field to achieve it more satisfactorily.

Keys to get 0 handicap in golf.

  1. The distances will make the difference.

Knowing yourself and your game will basically be what makes you reach your 0 handicap and your distances will be one of the most important factors. You must know them to be clear with which stick you will be able to execute the best blow. If you are not clear about it before hitting, you will not be able to make your hits as accurate as to be able to hit the established torque.

  • Track your results.

When we set goals in many areas of life, such as academics or work, we make ourselves a guide about what we are achieving, our achievements or failures. Well, it is just as important for this very technical sport.

In golf, a repeated mistake on different occasions or conditions can easily raise the possibility of a 0 handicap, therefore, analyze your games and record everything you think is relevant in order to achieve it.

  • Train by setting goals.

A good golfer with a 0 handicap enters the course knowing first-hand what his goal is to achieve on that round. That is to say, it is not hitting the ball for a longer time, but rather, being clear with what improvement or statistical objective you are making those hits. This will make the difference between being an amateur golfer or a 0 handicap golfer.

  • Swing time will be your ally.

The swing is such a personal factor of golfers that it is difficult to establish an exact number for that reason, the only thing you should concentrate on is knowing yours to be able to improve your shots more easily, thus being able to improve your tempo and not cause Disadvantages on the way.

  • The mind is the base of your game.

Knowing your technical part and improving it is very important, but your mental part will be the one that ends up marking success or failure. You must maintain a state of tranquility, but at the same time with mental strength that makes you be attentive and calm to achieve the blows with your maximum potential. Remember that the best game is inside your head.

  • The choice of golf clubs.

You must choose clubs that fit everything you need and with which your shots are more natural since, playing with clubs with which you are uncomfortable or that do not suit your game will make it very difficult for you to reach the 0 handicap. You must choose clubs that correspond to your technique and above all physical dimensions.

  • Well marked strategy on the field.

When you want to get a 0 handicap, you should not leave anything to chance. Your move must be clear even before stepping on the grass of the field. At each tee you must shuffle which is your best line to play the hole and then attack the Green. Remember that every victory has a good strategy behind it.

  • The secret to your success may lie in surrounding yourself with people better than you.

As the advice itself says, being and practicing with people who know much more than you about the sport and have gone through the different stages to achieve their goals, will give you much more strength, you will be able to learn from them and even they will be able to help you. to get better.

  • Establish a good routine.

Being clear about what you should do in each step you take will help you face the journey with much more calm, which will translate into improvements in your results since it will increase your self-confidence. Create your personality routine before performing the blows, including those steps with which you feel most comfortable and prepared to perform them with your greatest potential.

Remember that being a 0 handicap is not achieved overnight, so you must face it calmly and be happy for the small achievements you are achieving. Learn, practice and perfect and each time you will see it easier to achieve. Much encouragement!

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