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Golf ball classes

In golf, one of the most important elements when making a good shot are the golf balls. There are multiple types depending on their manufacture that you should know if you want to improve, so you should know which ball is most suitable in relation to your objective.

Golf ball classes

Balls with two layers: Its composition is a soft core accompanied by two covers of more resistant materials. This ball is more difficult to control in the stroke, but it allows you to reach a longer distance. It is the favorite among professionals and amateurs with low handicaps.

Balls with three layers: The composition is similar to that of two layers, but it incorporates a layer of urethane, which makes it perfect for players with a medium handicap. That extra layer of urethane gives the player better control over the ball on short shots.

Balls with two layers under understanding: Its composition is more complex than the previous two. This is a low compression core, rounded off a hard knob and then a soft cover. The distance it reaches is lower but the control over the blow is greater. It is perfect for beginners since strength is not exercised but you perfect control and learning of the desired strokes.

Multilayer balls: There are many more kinds of balls than those we have mentioned since they are made with different layers, materials… But as a rule, the core they have will affect the drive, the iron layers the spin and the outer layers will help improve control of shorter strokes.

And the golf ball holes?

Well, this may be a good question. The outer layer of the ball, called the cover, will determine the effect that the ball will have and on it are the dimples -the holes commonly called- that will make the ball go further by reducing friction and therefore the resistance of the ball. the ball.

Now you are ready to buy your perfect balls and perfect your best shots. We will wait for you!

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