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Golf Basics

Despite the fact that there are more technical rules established by the RFEG that the game is governed by, there are 8 basic fundamentals that every beginner should know when starting out in the world of golf. It is important for beginners to know them as it will help them play correctly.

The 8 basic fundamentals of golf

  1. Who wins?

You should know that all golf courses have 18 holes and, depending on the type of game that is established, the winner will be proclaimed. In most cases, the player who manages to complete the route in the fewest possible number of strokes or who reaches a certain number of scores along the route will win.

  1. And the rules and penalties?

Well, you should know that there are local rules for which each golf course is responsible within a margin established by the Royal Golf Federation. It is important that you know them when you face competitions in different fields because there may be different penalties. These penalties will consist of adding hits or points to your score on the course to worsen your results.

  1. How many sticks can I carry?

In our bag of clubs when entering the field of play we can only carry 14 clubs, as established by the regulations. Carrying more clubs than allowed may result in a penalty that can even lead to disqualification. With this information you will have realized that you must choose and know well the clubs with which you will face the routes and manage to adapt them to your needs.

  1. And the balls?

When it comes to a competition, each player must play with his own ball in a way that allows him to differentiate it from the others in order to properly keep the record. eye! In case of hitting the ball of another player, a sanction may be carried out.

  1. What if I don’t hit the ball?

If your intention was clearly to hit the ball and by a mistake you hit the air, it will still be counted as a hit, even if the ball has not moved. In order not to create confusion, if you decide to practice your swings before the shot, take them at a distance where there is no confusion with your intentions.

  1. In what order is it hit?

Until a while ago, to avoid accidents, the player who had left the ball closest to today would always start by hitting. At present, it has been decided that he who first reaches his ball and is ready to make the stroke hits. In this way, the game is made more agile, since while those with the farthest ball arrive, the game is played.

  1. Can I take as long as I want to hit?

Clearly the answer is no. You must remember that there are more players who must make their shots and you must finish a round, the objective is to play as quickly as you can. If you decide to take too long, you may suffer penalties that will make it difficult for you to win.

  1. And about the label?

Despite the fact that there are normative rules, we can also find some that are not penalizable but we should not do them out of respect and education, such as looking for a lost ball for a long time, aggressively throwing the sticks onto the pitch…

Now you are ready to give your best on the course knowing the basic fundamentals of golf. We will wait for you!

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