Mijas offers an extensive culinary menu; its typical, creative, international, fusion dishes, etc. they will not leave you indifferent. In its bars, restaurants and beach bars you will find options for all tastes and pockets.

Our traditional cuisine is based, above all, on rich and varied first courses, due to the wide variety of soups.

The favorite dish for the inhabitants of Mijas is  soup . For this reason, they take it in very different versions such as maimones soup, tomato soup, cachorreña soup, garlic soup or fish soup.

Salmorejo, maimones, and gazpachuelo stand out; and typical sweets such as buñuelos and hornazos, all of them inherited from the Arab era.

Fried fish

It is the clearest representative of the Malaga table that is offered in the Mijas Costa area along with sardine skewers. It is prepared with assorted white fish (hake, pijotas, acedías, cuttlefish, squid) and oily fish such as (anchovies, sardines), flour, salt and sliced ​​lemon, olive oil.

It is made as follows: Clean and cut the fish (hake, cuttlefish, squid…) into small pieces, leaving the anchovies and sardines at their natural size. They are salted, coated in flour and fried in very abundant and very hot oil. They slip away They are served very hot, in a bowl and on a bed of paper napkins (to absorb the oil), along with the lemon slices.